Who are we?



Why Notes defines itself at the crossroads of production, diffusion, engineering, consulting and European cultural entrepreneurship.

Didier Rivière’s head popping out in 2015.

As a professional musician, he co-founded a company in 1994, with which he carried out many projects as the artistic co-director of the company, taking an active role in every development phase. Thanks to a strong artistic practice and experience as a coordinator, he provided tours in more than 30 countries.

 To start a new chapter in his career, he decided to use his skills and experience in a new project. Based on ethics and other important values, Why Notes aims at developing cooperation as well as cultural and social innovations through performing arts.

We offer you our expertise on the various European programmes, acquired thanks to a long-term training at the Relais Culture Europe ( Europe Culture Relay ), but also to strong connections with other European managers.