European projects

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Developing and encouraging new artistic practices.

Supporting the project holders, whether they are artists or cultural structures, communities, operators or actors.

Simplicity, Comfort, Security, Innovation

Why Europe ? 

Why Notes whishes to popularize, simplify and allow you to understand the European programmes, so as to make them accessible. We wish to enlighten the vision of your project at an European level, which is sometimes quite difficult. We offer you a security of management, by a daily maintenance of the administrative work it represents. We are at the service of your project to make it effective.

How do we cooperate today ? 

Nowadays, reflections are under way regarding cooperation between North and South, East and West as well as within the Mediterranean basin, which lead us to imagine new societies, thus expanding the meaning of  the word « cooperate ».

Cooperation between artists and operators, and on a larger scale, between the peoples, is what Why Notes offers you. Europe and its neighbourhood  are vectors of creativity, which lead to modify the artists’ behaviours regarding their artistic practices.

The French artistic creation is still synonym of excellence, although it is currently facing difficulties. It can therefore evolve both in practices and reflections by observing and cooperating with its nearby or far neighbours. Cooperation between humans also allows to defend against the fear of the others.

How to position your European project today ? 

In the contemporary devices complex universe, which development tools can be used ? Which strategy should be developed ? What are the possible help and support associated to the project ?

Why Notes offers you to shape your project to make it appropriate for your potential partners. We advise you on the European apparatus and help you to find the most suitable one, depending on the feasibility survey, and support you until your project implementation.