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Le Relais Culture Europe

The Europe Culture Relay

Why Notes institutional partner ( ressources and project support )

Their project

The Europe Culture Relay is an innovation platform on Europe and culture. In France, it performs the function of Creative Europe Office of the European Union.

Their means of actions

We offer various entry points – information, training, incubator, research – to the cultural and creative actors, either they are taking up the European process or they have already entered it.

A team and some partners

The Relay’s team surrounds itself with partners such as people or structures in France, Europe and further.

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European cultural entrepreneur, partner in Marseille

Their project

An injunction which claims to generate a creative collective and citizen dynamics, to ease the implementation of transformations in our multipolar world.

MakeMe Dream ! Creates and offers flexible and creative solutions to facilitate societal transformations and initiate new modes of action on citizen issues in Europe.

Further information can be found here



European cultural partner

Their project

SomeBody was created in 2005 by Marjorie Burger-Chassignet and Galaad Le Goaster, born out of the desire to develop and realize an artistic gesture feeding itself with dance, music, poetry and cinema.

Further information can be found here


Ère de Jeu

Cultural and citizen platform for childhood and youth in Ile-de-France.

Their project

Move along, there’s everything to see !

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Support, training and development of cultural projects.

Leur projet

Burokultur is an agency which was created in 2009, dedicated to the support and training of the project holders and their teams, as well as to the development of cultural and artistic activities.

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