Our Actions

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Administration, commercialisation, implementation, impetus and advice

Why Notes produces and distributes the artists.  We help finding economical solutions and investments from the initiative of the project to its selling. We organize the production of the project, allowing it to exist, to be seen and to be sold.

An European project needs a good knowledge of the environment, acquired by working closely with a network of expertise,  conceived more as an acting community than a closed network.

The fuzziness of the European funds leads to management constraints:

Within the framework of budget monitoring services, we can drive and offer an on-site management assistance or a training program.

Whithin the framework of activities monitoring, we can build a collective approach:

Design phase of the project  :

Turning the idea into a project.

Building the project

Working on its presentation and feasibility.

Search and first contact with the partners.

Deployment phase of the project : 

Elaboration of financial support forms.

Search and implementation of financial coaching.

Implementation of the action plan.


Project steering phase : 

Launching of the project.


Corrective actions.

Follow-up points.

Monitoring and assessment.


Assessment phase :

End of the assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of the project.

Financial statement and action results of the project.